back working after days off caused by M2 ilness. just got a newsletter from school and did some maths: 17 days of holidays/days off due to teacher’s training out of aprox 110 to go till the summer comes = 17 % of the time our children will be at home + count in some days of sickness = roughly 20 % off the school time spent at home. Strange times. Too many interruptions both for them to learn and for me to work.

Here is a sneak peek of my spring/summer collection; I can’t say new as I have revisited an idea/design I had done in the past but I feel there is still potential and maybe a way to work it bigger. But before that some practice is being done, trying to find the best constellation of various fibres. Even if it might not look so, each piece is different.


I normally don’t enjoy repeating a design over and over just to fill my shop, but I have enjoyed doing the same in order to perfect the look. Funny, how different aproach can replace boredom with satisfaction. I remember how I read soemwhere about japanese artists spending lifetime exploring just one thing, let it be material, technique or sth else. I understand this aproach a little bit more now.


5 thoughts on “back

  1. Creating something over again isn´t bad. I mean men can have a new scarf every year/ season. the idea is the same, but the technique or outcome isn’t, so don’;t worry. Just enjoy making what you love to do most 🙂

  2. beautiful colours! I sympathise: I have had at least one of my boys off sick practically every school day this January: need more time to make some more brooches using your wonderful tutorial!!! Fiona x

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