Kim from Vilt a la Kim has kindly invited me to join a group of crafts women from around the world who on last Friday of every month answer the same question from their own perspective. Thank you, Kim! 

As this is the first month of the year the topic is: “What are the compass words for 2011”

The “Compass words” refer to an exercise written by Tonya Davidson. If you hope to do some changes in your personal and /or work life this year  you can do the exercise yourself. She suggests that instead of  making new years resolutions it can be more efficient to have few words as a compass to guide through the year and day by day.  
I don’t  feel the need to do big changes, but I would like those few I mentioned here to be lasting. It’s a bit like with a diet: a change of lifestyle. I have read the exercise, haven’t written anything down, but I like the idea of summarizing thoughts and hopes for the coming months.
1. I wish  to hush more so that I would see priorities of a day and would have strenght to do what is right. This refers to my constant struggle to find the right balance between my role as a mum, houswife, member of a community I live in and my passion for fibres. I should almost say, I know what is right and where my place is right now, yet  sometimes I find it difficult to say ‘no’ to myself and stay positive and smiling… But I believe in living our ‘faiths’, I believe living souls are more important than any piece of art one could create – now just to live it.
2. I would like this year to be “authentic”, just to be myself really.
3. And I would like to keep practicing felting and maybe other textile techniques in a way which would allow me to discover and develop my own style of work.
Now this is as much soul-searching  as I can publicly bare….
Let me wish you  a good relaxing weekend and if you would like to know what others summerized as theirs compass words you can find it on the following blogs, please visit the other merry-go-girls!

4 thoughts on “Merry-go-Round

  1. The “non pretentious” year I would extend it to non pretentious life! I am me and I am fine with it. I think we all want that to a certain extent. we all want to feel so comfortable in our own skin that we can free ourselves up.
    I know what you mean about “dividing time”. The day doesn’t have hours long enough so something’s gotta give… I’ve decided that that is house chores. I do them, I swear… everything is clean… but I don’t obsess over it. How many hours do we lose on that? a day? No thanks. Too much for me. I can’t cut from my time with my son or husband, or friends (out with Kim mostly ahaha!) and I rather spend more time creating that scrubbing…so… this is the house of an artist…messy 🙂

  2. Non pretentious. I know that I only “know” you through your blog but you do not come over as pretentius in any way. You seem to be down to earth and connected with your art. You do not not over infalte your art when sometimes I think you should shout about it more. I have a word this year and its “nurture”. I look forward to seeing you answers on the merry go round

  3. thx for showing your compass. It’s difficult to find words that will show the right perspective. The best way of living is a life with passion!

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