dyeing purple

Following my doodling with paint I have dyed merino wool with acid dyes to see if the same color combination would bring the same results. To keep it short: it didn’t.

I started off with equal amount of blood red and mid blue, using acid dyes from Kemtex.

The first sample is 1:1 blue and red, which gave purple.  As I was increasing the amount of blue, the samples were, well, more and more blue (second and third).

In this set of samples, I used less blue and red, but added emerald green. The blue became darker and a bit “warmer”.

Then I reduced the amount of all dyes and achieved this lovely soft blue-grey on the right. To the sample on the left I added a little bit of lemon yellow which pushed the color towards teal.

Here, I replaced red with claret, blue with turqoise and green with brown. Again, very little dye used, the wool turned lavender. I tried it again using stronger dye solution and more fuchsia and got, what I would call plum purple. It’s not clear from the next picture, where the wool looks more purple and the red is missing, but I think that’s what I was looking for, hmm….


6 thoughts on “dyeing purple

  1. You did a great job making such nice notes and samplers!! I wouldn´t do and forget:(
    I really love the outcome of the last picture, but Purples and reds are my favs 🙂

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