something old

I made this vest back in November. I had many plans to felt with raw fleece, but then Christmas came – and ideas never got beyond my sketchbook. And now there are new paths to follow. This often happens to me. Time is still (very) limited – and by the time I can start working on certain idea I feel the need to work on something else. Never mind. Beter to have many ideas than none, although not every idea, when materialized, is successful.

I seem to work in circles. I would sample few ideas and then abandon them. After, sometimes a long period I am drawn back to the old, to see if there is more potential in the design or the color or the technique.

For now the raw fleece will rest but I am sure I will visit it again. I have made this seamless vest from merino wool and unwashed Blueface Leicester fleece and I like how it came out, it fits well,  is cozy and warm. I might list in in my Etsy shop, but I am still waiting to see if and how safe it is to post my items worldwide. It has been a nightmare over the last two months, due to the weather, Christmas rush and new security measurements implemented by US goverment on parcels entering the country. What used to take 5-7 days has now been taking 4 and more weeks! So for now, even though I have made several new pieces I am still waiting… and thinking what next;  if to stay on Etsy, if yes, then what to list there, if to start selling locally… As I said time is still very limited and I would rather spend time experimenting with the fibre then chasing parcels around the world. But, back to the vest…

To me it has got somewhat country, rustic look. I am thinking of how to use raw fleece in more contemporary look. I feel it’s a question of the shape and/or something else, don’t know yet.


11 thoughts on “something old

  1. Hi Monika,

    I love the texture and shape of this vest: I have some raw fleece lying about and am tempted to use it in something to wear as well. I always thought it might be too bulky, but yours certainly isn’t.

    regards, Lucie

  2. I absolutely love it! I want two!! 🙂 The colour combo and the shape of it. I noticed too that it was not bulky but rather soft . Seems nice and warm for these days!

    • yes, Marian, the color is amazing – and naturall, now when you finish the jacket the vest will be a piece of cake :), hm, talking about cake I think I need chocolate 🙂

  3. That is lovely Monika. Yes I follow you on the etsy question – I still haven’t gotten around to it again, though I’m in two minds about it – still.
    I have been working on a vest-in my head mind you, for a long time, with raw mohair curls…..but time and the weather has so far gotten in the way. It is hard to get motivated to work with raw wool, when it is really hot outside :-). Keep thinking about how to use the raw wool, and I’m sure it will come to you.

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