I have noticed there are certain colors I prefer to work with and purple is not one of them. I like purple, but only certain hues, the muddier ones and also the ones more towards blue and grey. I joined my daughter when she was  painting and did a little color study, mixing blue and red and then adding a bit of green and yellow. I have noticed I need less red than blue to make true purple. By adding yellow it turns khaki. By adding green it turns somewhat grey. Next, I will dye wool using this color combinations and see if the same is true in the dyepot.  


5 thoughts on “purple

  1. you are getting really scientific in your study of colours! This is really cool… I cant wait to see the wool replicas of those pretty paint circles…

  2. I’ll be curious as to how your dye experiment compares to this paint color experiment. I’ll bet there will be some similarities. After all, you were using a water based paint and not adding white right? I love purple but I don’t tend to decorate with it (although I once had beautiful purple walls in my studio!). I can only take it in small doses, that goes for fashion too. I do love it though!

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