I just wish to wish you a very happy New Year 2011! May it be happy, healthy, peaceful and creative. I don’t usually make resolutions as to me every new day is a new beginning. Also because of circumstances I think more in terms of school years. However, this year I’ve paused and thought for a while and saw there are few things pressing & I hope for them in the coming weeks and moths: to live more balanced life: to ‘be’ more and work less, to worry less and pray more and to be thankful and content. Creativly,  I would like to keep discovering my own style, to grow in it and understand myself better as a maker.

We have spent the holidays around, going for a few beach walks and swimming quite a lot since all the snow is gone. Here are few images from  places we have been to… few places and a lot of inspiration.


Dornoch beach

Dornoch beach

Narin beach

Nairn beach

nunofelt – I thought instantly 🙂

what a shibori texture!

i love the contrast in color, and the holy structure

the rock looks like a crupled paper

what a pattern!

life is everywhere


8 thoughts on “new

  1. wouw stunning pictures!!

    A happy new year to you too (or did I already said that in a previous comment, hihihihi)

    I am just wondering: where you did the swimming activity… not in the waters of the pics right???
    brrr. getting cold only to think of that:)


  2. Happy New Year to you. I’m a new reader, feltmaker and crafter. I find your work and life path very inspiring. All the best from Ireland.

    • Greetings from a very grey Highlands, hope there is more sun over in Ireland! Thank you for your visit and a lovely comment. Happy Crafting! And the best wishes for the New Year too, let there be more time to create 🙂 Monika

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