At the begining I just wanted to make a Christmas gift. At the time when I was making this cape, I thought the same design could be used to make felt brooches. And now I really needed and wanted to make one. So I did. And then another and yet another…  I have no plans to venture into making felt flower brooches, but it was satisfying to make something nice, simple and quick.

I took pictures along the way and wrote  tutorial for anyone who would like to try out this design. It contains 10 pages of instructions as well as tips of changing the design slightly. The tutorial is suitable for anyone who have made a piece of flat felt before. Other than that – only basic sewing skills and feltmaking tools: wool, soap, water and a piece of bubble wrap are needed. There are many on-line sources explaining how to make a piece of felt, here is one by Marian from Florcita.

I have made another tutorial on  felt sculpted brooch, another wish-to-do-never-done idea. Again, it is suitable for anyone with basic feltmaking skills and doesn’t require any special materials or tools.

Both tutorials are now  available in my Etsy shop.


2 thoughts on “tutorials

  1. I never make small things like these pretty flowers and then sometimes I want to have a nice brooch or something like that…I dont have anything… and one wonders… how can I not have the basic thing I could make, in stock! ahahaha silly.

  2. Super idea to make tutorials of them! I also couldn’t make flowers untill a month ago… never started with somethign like this simple:)

    Oh and a happy and creative New year to you!!

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