One of my main sources of inspiration is the material I work – wool and other fibres I can incorporate in felt. I had never thought I would one day live in a country with such a good suply of wool, either imported – the finer types or domestic, from over 60 sheep breeds. Well, I had never thought I would one day felt as it is not a textile technique typical for Slovakia. Not felting directly from wool. It’s more fulling woven wool into a cloth and then making garments and accessories. I prefer to skip crocheting/knitting/weaving and work directly with wool, either tops or raw fleeces.

The Rapunzel bag/purse  is 100 % handmade from natural fibres, merino embellished with tussah silk and wool from local sheep breeds. My ancestors were in a fur industry before communists confiscated all private businesses so I know a little bit about fur processing…:( It makes me happy when I look at a bag like this and know that the material I have used is eco friendly –  the sheep is being sheared for it’s own welfare, sustainable – it is hear every year and biodegradable too.


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