collection a/w 2010, Memories: What’s Left

I would like to show you today the rest of the collection of scarves I have been working on this autumn. Their structure was inspired by paths, pavements, walls and boulders. What cought my attention was the grid between slabs, stones and tiles; what would be left if they were taken out.

I made samples, and more samples, some ideas worked, some didn’t and some I would like to try out in a different way. All scarves are made from natural fibres and most are dyed with natural dyes.

There are more pictures on flickr and they are all available now in my etsy shop.


12 thoughts on “collection a/w 2010, Memories: What’s Left

  1. That seriously spooky, Ive been sat evenings snipping away at a blue felted scarf doing just this!
    But with a less smart finish must admit since its my first go at it. When I put it on my blog it wont ever threaten your skills so dont worry lolol and may I link to your so folk can see it done properly please?
    I was given some old wool felt and have cut it into scarf lengths and machine washed it, then dried it with curvy edges, so as its fulled its taken up a
    life of its own.
    It never occured to me to simulate the negatives of pavements etc, thats too smart a logic for me and I applaud your results, they are smashing! Love the colourways too. Fabulous work gal

  2. Thank you very much for all your encouraging comments! They are always welcome and appreciated :). Lyn, feel free to post and link, I am not the frist one making scarves whith holes, they have been here before, I have just happened to ‘travel’ in their direction.

  3. You have been busy. They are all very lovely and the colours that you have got are so beautiful…..isn’t it interesting where the inspiration sometimes comes from and where it takes us? ….

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