While walking in the heat of the summer in Bratislava I spotted this pattern/structure on the wall created by a running paint (?). I can’t remember whether it was then or later when I was going through many photos I had taken that the idea of a scarf was born. It contains two elements which I am often drawn to: holes and dreads/lines.

For some reason the wordpress doesn’t allow me to make a link to my previous posts at the moment, but this is what I have been doing and posting little snippets earlier in the autum. I have made several of these scarves, 2 are gone (the madder and alkanet one), one I enjoy wearing myself and this one is available. It is made from very fine merino wool and silk and handdyed with brazilwood and overdyed with alkanet. Each hole is individually handcut and each dread handformed. The cutting takes even more time than dread-making but I think I have found a way how to bypass it and achieve a very similar look so there might be more of these in the future. Although, there is always something else to explore… 🙂

This is also the first design of my mini ‘collection’ I have been working on since the summer, inspired by structures noticed in Slovakia and colors of the summery Scotland. I don’t even know if to call it collection, I suppose an ongoing interest in structures would be more appropriate. I love to read about other artists and the way they work – some inspired by thoughts, some by images,  by places, even food, some by material or technique… The more I create the more I get to know myself as a creator and the way of creating which I enjoy and find most comfortable with.


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