making lots and lots of dreads

working big

using silks and cottons

little discovery

I have been working on a new tunic dress, this is how far I have gotten today. When finished I will show you pictures. Yesterday, as I was doing something on my Flickr, I noticed how little images of my finished felted pieces I have posted since the summer. I have been very busy with other things, but the main reason is that I have been somehow ‘blocked’. As long as you are a maker, whatever you make, you will know how much thought/attention/time/samples it takes to materialize ideas. They deserve good pictures, not only technically, I feel the whole image should convey the mood which was on the mind of a creator. I have been thinking how I could improve my photos, but apart from overpainting the only plain wall which I use as a ‘backdrop’ I haven’t had any other ‘great’ ideas. If I take my stuff outside it will be sooner or later blown away to the North Sea :)…. till spring the inside will have to do. I have decided, though,  not to worry about it anymore as it leads nowhere. I have got (many) pieces I need to take pics of and will just do my best of what is available.

As I was wetting the wool today I have discovered something I would like to share  with you. I know felters who wear gloves to protect their hands as they are exposed to soapy water, sometimes for so long. I don’t use soap, only when rubbing the bubble wrap which covers the wool so that my hands can slide better. As there was no bubble wrap near me to cover wet merino I just grabed a clear plastic bag and with dry hands started to rub  the surface.  One side/layer stuck to the wet fibres while I was moving the other side/layer up and down. No water, no soap and apart from a bit of a scrunching noise it worked as well as if I rubbed the bubble wrap with soapy hands. The plastic bag doesn’t need to be big, bit by bit you can work all up to a pinch test in this way.


6 thoughts on “today

  1. Hi Monika,

    can’t wait to see another of your gorgeous garments. It’s good to see them in the making:always good to learn some new tricks of the trade.

  2. Great news on the no soap/water trick. Just realized I didn’t need soap on the wool after discovering mid day that I forgot to put it in the bottle.

  3. I’ve used the plastic bag method for a while to great success. Am really interested to see this garment progress as I have yet to get the nerve to make a dress, but would love to do so. Great to have discovered your blog and I will follow with interest!

  4. Looking forward to the pictures. I haven’t tried without soap as such, but if I remember when I have laid wool out – I often just dryfelt it to start with – to get the felting happening. This is done by just placing your hands on top of the laid out wool and very gently just moving them back and forth -only small movements while you are pressing down. Off course this would be a bit hard if you have loads of embellishments….but I willhave to try out what you just wrote….interesting stuff

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