pots and pans II.

My dyeing pots are still on the hob. The madder one has been there for over a week, each day the madder roots  releasing more and more color, like a reward for the patience. This time I have dyed with  madder powder  from P&M Woolcraft and the hue is much stronger than what I achieved last time   when I used this dye. Brick, rusty red. I thought it would be browner as I accidently  boiled it for some time.

I also tried eucalyptus leaves for the first time and was surprised to get yellow instead of rusty/brownish one mentioned in various books.

Not that I wouldn’t like yellow, but after the last week, dyeing with weld and onion skins and then more onion skins to exhaust dyebaths I would welcome a change. It seamed the right time to use an iron modifier, which I did and the result is lovely mossy green. Will show you when the felt dries.


6 thoughts on “pots and pans II.

  1. Love the madder one. I didn’t think of leaving it for a long time. Should try that. I did read somewhere that the powder or… pigment is always much stronger and you need less quantities. I have never used them, I normally just use the dried dyestuff
    Looking good!
    Can not wait to see what it is that you are dyeing!

  2. What a rich color you’re getting from the madder! That’s what patience will get you!
    Can’t wait to see the green….so magical, how changing or adding different mordants changes the color so much!
    I’m trying to decide if I am going to ‘brave’ the rain to go out and gather some snakeweed. I love the yellow I get from it…..and the shawl I’m weaving was going to be dyed with it…..but SO rainy this week! Might just dip it in indigo instead.

  3. Hi Marian! Oh, please don’t have big expectations, just another scarves! And yes, the powder is stronger, I used cca 50 gms for 100 gms of fibre and although I used 100 g of chopped roots last time and left the fibre in the bath for many days, the color was paler. But I remember then I was very cautious not to raise temperature above 50 C.

    Hi Julie! I know this, last weak buckets of rainwater were falling here and all my dyepots and pans and buckets were outside and fibre in the shed… I was soaked as that fibre on the hob. Mmm, I would like to try indigo soon. Sending you some sun from Scotland (will keep that blastery winds here rather 🙂

  4. I should really give it a try too:)
    Maybee I am lucky and I can participate upcoming wednesday… What did you do with the eucalypthus??? just placed it in water and let it stay for over a week??? I am collecting Eucalypthus leaves at my work, as sometimes the kids don;t want to use it in their floral arrangement, it will be too old to use, but perfect for me to dye with:)

  5. Hi Kim!
    I had bought leaves, broken into small pieces. I simmered them for about an hour and let steep overnight. Then strained and entered the fibre and simmered for about 45 minutes. I was expecting rustier color, but they might be just old, don’t know…
    Good luck, will watch your space 🙂

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