pots and pans

inside and outside the house have been my companions this week. I soon realized it requires some logistic to dye with several different dyes at the same time – and to cook for the family as well! There have been a lot of peeking under the lids, watching the colors develop  and a few ‘oh’ and ‘wow’ moments too :).

recycling the rain water

This time I have used the rain water we have in abundance here in Scotland. And to store exhausts or steep dyeplants or dyebaths I have been using buckets, reserving few pots I have for dyeing only.

 Along dyeing the scarves I was dyeing and overdyeing small samples of wool for the future reference. Although it takes a bit of time, whether I felt or dye  I just love to keep track of what I am doing.

alkanet and brazilwood, exhausts

alkanet, brazilwood, madder

alkanet, brazilwood, madder, onion skins

 May you all have a relaxing weekend!


This was one of those ‘wow’ moments when I overdyed onion skin dyed merino with alkanet of different strenght.

And in each pot I threw some strips of medium weight silk for a future project.

naturaly dyed silk strips


11 thoughts on “pots and pans

  1. Brilliant! love those colours! I have never used Alkanet and I see those colours there with the onions skins and wow indeed!

    I love how detailed all your notes are. And colorful! There is a hue you got there with madder, the darkest one… beautiful! I never got such a colour. did you use a modifier? I should experiment more with those…
    Anyway, gorgeous… now I want to see those scarves!

  2. Thank you, all!
    Marian, that dark madder was a small piece of wool simmered with madder for a longer time, I bet if I use more wool it wouldn’t be as dark, but I guess iron could make it so dark. I have once scarf still in madder and hesitate, should I or should I not to modify it with iron mmm
    Inger, and I wish I would be messier sometimes, honest. I try to organize everything… and then sometimes get feeling I don’t get very far, yes, alas, it is hard to go against one’s nature.

  3. I like the colour tones you have managed to achieve. Dyeing is still something I just can’t get roud to and it is so inspiring to see what you can achieve with relatively simple means.
    Good job!

  4. Well done. You presnet it so nicely – I’m with Inger, I wish i could be so organized, but I think I must sadly admit, that it is never going to happen. I love the colours, they are so soft and deep at the same time – if that makes sense. Makes me want to experiment more……

  5. Clicked through to your blog today from Flickr and have really enjoyed all your posts on natural dying. You have some beautiful results! I have a stash of fabrics to try dying. I think I’ll go with onion skins : )

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