what’s on today/this week


dyeing pots

* extracting color from weld and premordanting more merino. There are several plants in our garden which I would like to dye with this year. It’s time to harvest before the frost comes.

dry dyes - madder, brazilwood and onion skins

* after much contemplation I have decided for pinks, oranges, browns and yellows for the first batch of the scarves waiting to be dyed. I would like to overdye this time, using two or more dyes. Ideally, I would like to achieve rich, slightly muted colors, but we shall see what happens in the pots.

* dry and shape two scarves and test a resist for fingerless mittens

* take decent pictures of this cobweb scarf

* take pictures of trilobal nylon fibre, yarns and polyester sari silk – all part of the destash, and start listing…

I have got two more working weeks ahead, than autumn holidays start and we will have my in-laws staying with us. Wishing you all a good week!


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