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Felt is made, now to decide which color to dye it with and which dyes to use. I am thinking alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria). I would like to achieve grey rather than lavender, but I haven’t dyed with alkanet yet and am not sure if to first test it on not felted wool or take a plunge. You, dyers, out there, have you got any suggestions? Is alkanet the right natural dye for grey? (without a need to use a toxic mordants in case of other dyes…)

It would be easier to use synthetic dyes but as I flipp through the pages of books on natural dyeing I notice my heart beating  faster, literally. What it is I don’t know, I guess I am a country girl…


2 thoughts on “my creative space

  1. I have never dyed with alkanet. It is one of those dyes I want to try but haven’t had time yet.
    I see India’s book there on the back and it reminds me that the summer is over and I haven’t harvested nice leaves to make prints with. I hopefully get time this weekend in the garden.

  2. I have dyed with alkanet root and got pastel purple with alum. The stocking I tied the root chips with turned burgundy. I soaked the root in alcohol overnight and did the usual process next day. I still have some left over to be used (I can’t stand the smell). BTW Your blog is beautiful.

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