Kiss-factory, felted magnets

I have enjoyed making these little guys to restock  my shop. It is relaxing activity after a busy day, something I can do when there is not much energy left for a bigger project. I felt them in groups of 3 or 6 pairs first, then embroider “lips” and sew beads on most of them as the last step. I always leave one pair eye-less, that’s just in case someone had a specific requirements re their color.

Most of the time, and probably because of the very limited time I still have for creating, I prefer to make one of the kind pieces. I find it far more exciting than repeating one design over and over again. So I was thinking how to combine what I like with what the market likes to buy. Some of the pieces I have made have been selling very well. The Kiss magnets along with the Kandinsky brooches, Oneness bowls as well as the Love stones have been popular. Also the felted soaps I supplied a local shop with. I think it was the amout of the soaps I felted which made me realize I never ever want to turn into a ‘felting machinne’ and my studio into a small factory. The extra income helped me to buy necessary fibres and books to grow creativly but I hope I will not need it in the future.

If, however, I need to restock a piece in a small quantity, it is a different matter. It is a known path and there is a comfort in knowing what I am doing and what the end result will be. It is a good balance to the uncertainity of the bigger, one of the kind pieces/small series I hope to concentrate on in my main work. I have been felting over the past days but still am in the sampling phase. I have been interpreting the ideas from my travels and sketchbook in fibre. I would like to make pieces which are both pleasure to wear and pleasure to look at and which carry some of the ‘places’ that inspired me to make them. I would like to make a small collection and show it to you then. That’s the plan. That’s a new approach, I haven’t worked like this before, it was more experimenting, ‘what if’, ‘what’s possible’ way. But I would like to try it and see …

In the meantime I hope to post pictures of felt which I had made before the summer holidays started and some of my destashing efforts in a form of sewing. Here is the first one :), a simple bag I made from curtain samples, given to me by a friend. I like to wear plain, simple colors and shapes, but brighter/bold/interesting accessories. I thought the color and pattern of this fabric would just fit into this category.


7 thoughts on “Kiss-factory, felted magnets

  1. Those magnets are just sooo coool!
    I know what you mean about making a batch of things. I think there is this whole push to sell things and I am baking away from it. So many people are out there selling and I just dont think I have that drive!
    or maybe I am work shy……..

  2. I think we all struggle to know precisely how to balance the whole thing. I don’t want to become a machine that only felts one thing over and over again. There is no excitement there… but on the other hand we seem to need some kind of easy sellable item in order to have the cash to restock to continue experimenting… I don’t know if one has to chose one thing or the other, but do find a balance between what I like and what sells easy.
    Either way, I think as artists the whole thing gets spoiled if we aren’t allowed by whatever circumstances, to experiment and explore. Your plan sounds very interesting and I still find it very cool that we are both sort of starting a similar stage of work!

    The magnets are just levely!

  3. Thank you all for your thoughts! At the moment I try to keep “must” at bay in my fibre work. I think if I feel there are too many chores and too little joy I will rather go and do a ‘normal’ job and keep creating as a hobby. If what I create excites me/brings pleasure/satisfaction/joy/content…I will keep going. If I see I am not able to sell, I will need to assess if it is because of the products or my poor marketing… At the moment I still feel I don’t have enough time to make enough to do any serious marketing/look for other outlets than Etsy…

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