I have started felting again

first on Saturday, at our local feltmaker's meeting

and today on my own. It has been more than two months since I got my hands ‘wet’, so I thought it is worth mentioning… Too long time!… it felt like if felt evaporated from my head in the heat of the summer – but stayed at least in my sketchbook. It feels always the same. Always the same doubts, ‘will I have something to say in felt again?’ Daunting, so I encoured myself at the start

and then tried to play.

the rythm of laying the fibres

and moulding them into the desired shape was exciting and encouraging

I might be on the track again!



5 thoughts on “again

  1. It’s like riding a bike….once you start up again, it all flows back into your brain. I’m that way with weaving….when I haven’t done it for awhile I think….’do I know how to do this?”
    Can’t wait to see what has been fermenting in your brain….and now will appear in it’s new life as felt!

  2. That looks interesting, Monica! I hope you had a lovely holiday – it looks like it did from the beautiful pictures in your blog a few posts earlier!
    I have been taking it slow too the past months and fired the kiln this week after nearly 2 months! šŸ˜‰
    It’s OK to step back from time to time – it’s refreshing! šŸ™‚

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