One of the things I would really like to tackle this (school) year is to destash! I need light and space and while I can’t change the first one I hope to get back some space in the house by selling what I think I will not need or not in such quantities as I have hoarded over the past few years.

I have already started working on this, packing and listing fibres in my Soft Fibre Etsy shop. There are some mixed fibres  bags again for those who would like to try out something new & not to buy too much and a new fibre – preyarn – in various colors.

Preyarn is  a very soft, in this case merino like wool, unspun, in short lenghts. It is a byproduct of wool processing from a nearby mill. It felts very well on it’s own, but I would suggest to use it more for embellishing as it doesn’t create very strong felt. It is great for adding detail: lines, swirls or other pattern and can be used for making felt beads as well. There is a free tutorial on my blog, all you need is just to replace merino with the preyarn, tie it and felt beads in the described way.

I will be adding other fibres, prefelt and also some fabrics and magazines/books too. All this is destash so once it sells, that’s it, there will be no more. The same goes for other (past stock) fibres in my shop, the listed amounts is what I have and I am not planning on restocking anymore as I would like to concentrate on felting more in the future.

I will be regullarly giving updates on new destash stock here, on my blog.

Preyarn - ready to go


4 thoughts on “Destash

  1. I want everything! ahahaha Im interested in this preyarn, have never heard of it before. What other books and mags do you have?? Just wondering so If I place and order I do it all at once!

  2. I had the same idea of getting some money for my fibre stock:) and opened a new shop .
    Now I need to hold me from buying from you:)
    I’d love to try some of that preyarn too.

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