what next

For the past months I have felt more and more the need to work within a theme or mood and create a body of work, even if small,  around it so that my mind wouldn’t jump from one idea/technique to another. Also, I wish, when I look back I would like to have a feeling that my work is more coherent and there is some sort of invisible thread which ties it all together.

Last week we went for a short break to the North of Scotland, visiting Orkneys for one day. I took many pictures and was thinking how I could  use what inspired me when we were in Slovakia and what I was seeing now. Was there anything which would draw my attention again and again? I soon noticed that while in Slovakia it was mainly texture and structure, here in Scotland it was more about the color.

I am thinking about this at the moment:

color inspiration


4 thoughts on “what next

  1. Im precisely at the same place. Thinking about the same for months already. And the other day I was watching a documentary and all of a sudden I start noticing all this colours and patters in this beautiful photography. So I immediately grabbed the remote control and started pausing, sketching… play. And so on. I ave about 20 sketches now and I just ordered some wool to start working. Im still undecided as to whether these should be wearables for instance using those patterns or wall hangings dunno… I will see.
    Those pics up there are incredible in their wealth of inpiration!

  2. yes, yes! will look forward to your series. I was thinking why do I feel this need. I think it’s because I like many styles and would like to explore about any technique, working around a theme at a time might help me to focus more….

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