this time

…it didn’t work…

When I felt,  quite often there is a moment when I think ‘…but this time it will not work…’ – and usually it does. Well, it has always, except this time.

I wanted  to have merino on one side and silk on the other. When I placed the cotton fabric I was going to felt into on merino the fabric seemed to be transparent enough, but when I later wetted it there was no sign of merino under cotton, no guidance for laying the silk. I was working blind which means that there are areas with no silk or no merino under silk = hanging silk… Well, to cut it short, I Need To SAMPLE more often!


5 thoughts on “this time

  1. Sample, schmample.

    If it ‘usually works’, that’s good enough for me. A ‘not quite perfect’ project now and again is small enough price to pay for avoiding the much too rigorous science of sample-making! Giggle.

  2. I just found your blogsite and wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired me! I have been making felt for a while – mainly bags, scarves and glasses cases and am ready to try my hand at clothes. I’ve got a great book that has laid out the patterns etc., but finding your work has given me a greater understanding of what can be achieved.

    I’ve got a few ideas in mind for tops, but have been stuck at the ‘…but this time it will not work…’ stage myself. Now I’m spurred on to give it a go!

    Thank you!

  3. But here is the real reason to sample and experiment: not failure but just Other Than You Had Planned. And just because it is Other, does not mean it is a failure, as it is a lovely garment.
    Besides, if I sent you a picture of the Infamous Alpaca Debacle, well then you would know that I know what I am talking about.:-)

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