Nunofelted Tunic Top, naturally dyed with gorse


Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of sun, sunflower, summer, heat – and it will forever remind me of Scotland. This country turns yellow first with gorse followed by broom. Both shrubs are very invasive and considered to be a weed. I have dyed with broom  too (sadly, it is not a dyer’s broom) but it yelds little color.

When making this nunofelted tunic top I wanted to see if it is possible to combine shear parts with fully felted ones. I was especially curious what will happen with the shear top if the felted part shrinks, if the rouched fabric will look natural or not. It seems it has worked, I am pleased with the finished look.

The top is made from silk chiffon and apart from the shear area it is fully covered in merino wool on the ‘wrong’ and mulberry silk on the ‘right’ side – if we can talk about right and wrong… because one of the unique features of nunofelted clothes is that they are reversible because they are or can be seamless.

The top is dyed with gorse and overdyed with onion skins. What I found unusual was that the silk didn’t grab most of the color, instead this ‘right’ side has stayed paler than the ‘wrong’ merino one – it is the most fascinating and therapeutic deep yellow which only natural dyes can give – and camera (or camera-man?)  struggles to capture, hence no pictures…


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  1. I love this – it is beautiful. I want to do a nuno felted top but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Was your silk chiffon hemmed or just plain fabric? I have a hemmed silk shawl that I am thinking of doing this with but I’m not sure about the hem whether I should cut it off or not. I’m also not sure about the arm hole sizing as I’m afraid they will get too big. But I guess I’ll just have to jump in and do it.

  2. I used chiffon fabric from a roll, there was no hem. I imagine the hem on the scarf is not thick, I would most probably leave it as it is, it can give a nice organic edge to the piece – or it will completely disappear in felt, depending how much wool you lay on it. Good Luck!

  3. Hi there, this felted top is beautiful. I am captivated by it for a few reasons. I am from the south west of Ireland and I also love gorse, sometimes we call it furze, it is my most favourite flower fragrance in the world. I am in the process of making a resist for a nuno top and have been measuring and calculating galore! I think I have it figured out but am a bit nervous about some of the measurements. How did you make your resist I would love to know?!

    Your other work is beautiful too.


  4. Sharon, thank you for stopping by. I am afraid, for now I would like to keep some things about nunofelt clothes I make private. Maybe, one day, when I feel I have ‘exhausted a theme’ I will share it with the world. Hope you understand…

  5. thank you, Joni!
    No, it is for sale – so far 🙂
    I was thinking of you – are you going to Rockness this year again? It’s so nippy outside, brrr!

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