Soon, I will be packing for our trip back home. I am leaving my stash behind, in the shed and thought I would make small lavender bags to scare off moths – hopefully.

finished lavender bags

It’s going to be a long holidays  in a warmer climate and for that I have been sewing a little bit for the younger daughter.

And as usually at this time of year I dyed with gorse, preserving some yellow for the winter. I like any kind of dyeing but dyeing with plants which I actually pick  in the fields is my favorite, the connection with nature is so direct!

gorse in the dyeing pot

I enjoyed some felting too, trying new materials and a silhoutte.

Eden, shear nunofelted top

Eden, felted bracelet/bangle

Please, note, both of my shops, red2white and Soft Fibre will be closed from June17th till August 1st.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Have a wonderful time. I am sure there will be a notebook going with you that will soon be filled with plenty new inspiration!

  2. Love te nunofelted top. Hope you have a fabulous time back home with some warm sunny weather!

  3. I love the rainbow of colors in the edging on the top, and your daughter’s dress is adorable. What a wonderful long holiday. Take lots of pics!!!!

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