A friend of mine has asked me to make an outfit for her as she is soon going to a wedding. The color was to be what I call Scottish grey = what you see when you look up on an ordinary day over here, the silhouette simple, so the texture. Minimalistic nunofelted tunic dress.

To dye the whole piece the right grey was the greatest challenge. Grey, as any other color, has ‘many faces’ and I wanted to achieve silver, pigeon like shade, not muddy one which often takes color from the face. I mixed very little amount of grey and mid blue and later added a bit of purple. I knew I would need to adjust the dye bath during the dyeing process, which meant taking the dress out of the pot – couple of times in fact,  and to avoid too much shrinking due to the temperature changes I did all dyeing while the dress was not fully felted, I would say it was felted at 70 %. Once I was happy with the color I fully felted it to the desired size.

The necklace has been the work on the go, making small felt beads here and there, and although not with intention seems to be a perfect match to the dress colorwise.

At the moment  my concept when felting clothes is “to sew with wool”, to use wool instead of needles and threads when making clothes which could be made by sewing.  My focus is more on the shape, overall silhouette and less on textures and colors. Maybe in the (near?) future I will go back to these since felting offers so much in this area! Which other technique offers a maker the possibility to create a cloth and paint at the same time, raising the surface and go 3D? I can’t think  of any.  At the momnet though I feel minimalistic.

The same concept is behind this nunofelted skirt.

To give the skirt more body I “sewed” two layers of cotton fabric with wool and then puffed the top one up. It will soon be listed in my shop.


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  1. Monica, I missed quite a few spectacular posts! You’re such an artist and you push all the boundaries to bring your work to a higher level all the time. I’m so impressed with all I’ve seen here tonight! Really well done – love your work! 🙂

  2. I want to be a friend of yours that lives around the corner from your home so I can drop by and sip tea and chat and felt with you. Do you give workshops 🙂 I think I need to go to Scotland soon…

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