I was surprised how textured turned up this nunofelted top/blouse. I felted merino wool into silk ponge and then dyed with  onion skins. I thought muslin and other heavier fabrics give more texture than silk, but is seams that the weight is not as important as is the density of the fabric and ponge is more densly woven than eg. muslin. Another factor which probably increases texture is using less wool, leaving gaps between individual tuffs and starting throwing at rather early (and riskier) stage when not all the wool has gone through the fabric. But then, oh, it is like with a “painted egg” as we say, so fragile!

Nevertheless, I like the result and the color too. I also like to make these nunofelted clothes rather plain as they are  more versatile – can be teamed up with a (grey, black – yum) suit or a slouch hippy skirt – and everything in between 🙂

It is not easy to capture the true color of this piece. It is like a lion’s mane, saturated deep ginger or somehwere between gold and bronze, … somewhere between the skyes when the Sun sets on a hot evening.


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  1. Beautiful crinkly textures. I haven’t (yet) managed to keep it all together without getting it right through the fabric first!

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