Recently, my back has given me a lot of trouble. Sitting at the computer is difficult as it it the right side and arm which is effected too. I had been trying to decrease my computer time before this happened but now I am forced to minimize it as much as I can if I want to function somehow during  the day and sleep at night… There is always something to be thankful for though: I am still able to felt, albeit slower and I have more time for reading and resting…

After I made this nuno tunic/dress our girls have begged me to make one for each too. With pleasure, my dear, to felt something their size is much easier than to felt an adult size clothes. I made both dresses in their chosen colors and now we are waiting for summer/y weather to wear them.

Nunofelted dress with scarf


8 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Monika,

    I hope that you will be free from pain soon. These injuries take time to heal and I hope that resting will speed the healing process up. I’m sure your daughters will steal the show in these dresses, because they are so pretty.

    best wishes,

  2. Hi there Monika,
    sorry to hear your back has been giving you trouble. I pray it will recover soon. That is not much fun! Do take it easy!
    And yet you have still produced two absolutely gorgeous dresses for your little girls – you are just amazingly talented! I am so impressed with your clothing. You need to have it showing in some designer shops!

  3. Thank you, Lucie, Doda and Nicola, for your kind wishes! I have been neglecting my back for years so it will take some time to get fit, if ever – I wonder…

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