Between the Night Sky, Nunofelted tunic dress


nunofelted tunic dress, detail


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  1. Thank you, Mitsy! 🙂

    Maria, as for the tunic, I dyed all fibres before felting. I noticed when I dye wool and silk/cotton together after felting one of the fibres tends to grab the dye faster than the other. With nuno I like when wool is a bit darker than the fabric so I make sure that it is by dyeing before. Especially witn silk fabric, it takes up the dye faster than the wool.
    At the moment I am using direct not procion dyes for cotton. They are a bit easier to work with and don´t need awful lot of rinsing after dyeing like procion dyes. They are less wash and light fast but nuno garments are not going to be washed daily and I like the washed not the bright look anyway. Direct dyes can be used both on wool and cotton (adding either acid or alkaline) and had been used widely before procion dyes were developed. I buy mines from Kemtex.

  2. I slmply love your nuno felted garments and this is no exception: they seem so light and flow so nicely, it must be a delight to wear them.
    keep up the good work!


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