the question is in which part of the creative process to stop…

this time it was after dyeing and before felting, I felt enough has been done to the fabric, it needed no more – at least for the coming spring and summer

huge silk scarves naturally dyed, if you are a reader of this blog you will most probably recognize which dyes have been used


5 thoughts on “sometimes…

  1. that is e question, and it is not alwyas easy to know the right answer. These are by the way very beautiful 😉

  2. Hi there, how are you doing?
    Isn’t it so good to see the promise of spring around the corner. Pretty wild and windy at the moment though!

    I love your natural dyed silk scarves. I think they are beautiful just as they are.

  3. Marianne, it is onion (deep mustard) and brazilwood (pink). I need to widen my repertoire, I feel most of my naturally dyed felt and silk is yellow or pink 🙂

    Doda, you are right, just waiting for that wind to die 🙂

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