Flickr Favourites Tuesday

A week or so ago I noticed a full moon on the sky, partially covered with clouds. The pattern the clouds created was beautiful. It made me look for images of moonlight on Flickr. Here are some… I also like the various blues in these pictures. And the combination with rusty yellow orange too.

1. Hawaian Moonlight No. 3  2. Break in the Clouds  3. Moonlight song-ata – FP Explore   4. Moonlight

More Flickr Favourites at ArtMind.

I hope you are all having a good week and enjoying the first signs of spring!


5 thoughts on “Flickr Favourites Tuesday

  1. The moon makes me so happy! These photos are really beautiful, and are great reminders of just how powerful the moon is. Thanks for sharing!

  2. amazing mosaic! I love the moonlight theme. Both spooky and beautiful. You were the link above mine on artmind so I thought I’d visit. Glad I did. :o)

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