Time to nourish

I have signed up for a class Studio Journals: A Designer’s Workhorse with Sharon B from Pin Tangle. I like Sharon’s classes, the material she provides contains A LOT of information and during the class, in forums, one learns from interacting with others as well as from Sharon’s feedback on the work we produce.

I am starting a bit late this time, but better now then never. I have been keeping what I call simply a notebook for about 3 years now. And not one!, but many, as you can see on the picture bellow. I just like to take (detailed) notes of

1. ideas which cross my mind = one A5 notebook

2. the way I have made, mainly felted,  a piece = one A5 notebook

3. the dye recipe, natural or synthetic dyes = one small notebook

4. things I need to do (any, not only creativity related) = notebook

I also have an extra sketchbook for inspiring images from magazines,… and a big sketchbook for classes or projects where I need to draw/glue/paint….

It might look complicated, but so far it has worked for me. Keeping separate notebooks enables me to concentrate on one activity/process/project in one place. Eg. I might be felting a bigger piece and take notes along. Sometimes, I can not finish it in one day, but might be sketching new designs, or dye fibres or find some interesting pictures later in a day and I wouldn’t like to have these in between my notes on the felted project. So I store them separatly. Ideally, I would love to have one table just for my notebooks and all kinds of pencils, pens, glue, paints, papers, scissors… to have it all ready to record ideas. Ideally,…..

Having said this, I am, especially now, when doing the course, thinking if there is not a way how to reduce the number of notebooks I use and still have my notes organized. We shall see…

The homework for the first week was to do rubbings. I looked around the house for textured objects and this is what I found. The first ones are from shoe soles. What a fancy soles we wear these days!

The next lot is from a sieve, medal,  basket, radiator, box lid, plastic box and in the left bottom corner plaster, I like it the most.


4 thoughts on “Time to nourish

  1. Who would have thought to look under the souls of their feet? Clever you. I like the coloured rubbings too – nice departure from the grey. And so organised with all those note books. I’d say condense but only if you want to… If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

    Love your blog BTW.

  2. If your system works for you, Leave it alone!:-) Change is not all it is cracked up to be, especially if it finds you digging for information you otherwise would have had at your fingertips. And I love your rubbings! An excellent exercise, especially for someone as attracted to texture as you are!
    Thank you for blogging about your experiences with this class!

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