is to try something new

I got this book for Christmas and have spent a day (a mummy’s day = with quite a few  interuptions) playing with buttons, cords and wires. All of the projects are easy, some could be done with children. However, few would need adjustments, especially the ones where buttons are threaded on one thin cotton cord: they look pretty but twirl a lot when worn, the wire is a better option in this case. I thought if I use wire it would scratch, but found out that it doesn’t and keeps the necklace in the right shape.

I especilly like this one

– clusters of diferent size buttons, not even vintage ones  and in rather dull colours,  threaded on two 1 mm cotton thongs. Knots tied before the first and the last button in the cluster keeps them in place and against sliding. The necklace has the right weight and “whispers” a little bit as I walk. It whispers HandMade and I like that sound.


4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. What a nice present to get. I agree, its lovely to try out new things. I like the idea of the buttons whispering “Handmade”! What fun. I will look out my button box now! Have fun. x

  2. what a great idea: I just received two bags full of buttons that I ordered on Etsy to be used as resists for shibori felting, but now I know how to give them a third life!


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