with lines in mind I made this t-shirt

Sleeves: cut off, raw edges left. Front and back: folded widthwise and cut. The tassel is made from stripes cut from sleeves, gathered and sewn on the front. Dyed with tea. It is going to be worn with a strap top underneath, the uncut shoulder parts will protect shoulders against sun burn…:). For now, it is too coled to even model!


5 thoughts on “lines

  1. Thank you, Marian. It is just ordinary white 100 % cotton t-shirt.
    I too keep saving tea bags, then they go mouldy, but I read on Jeany Dean’s blog that it is not a problem in dyeing. I have removed the container outdoors for now and it froze… quite interesting to watch life of a tea bag 🙂

    • Hiya Paige! Thanks! You mean for the shop? Do you think people would buy it? 🙂 I had a look on your blog the other day, excellent shots!!!! Who takes pictures? Tripod or someone real? ox Monika

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