I like how ideas flow when we create. You start with one and when it is materialized it often opens other possibilities. So it has bees with the felted dreads I have been incorporating into my scarves recently. It started with few on the white textured one. They were shorter and attached towards the ends of the scarf. I liked how they hanged down at front while one of the ends was hanging over the shoulder. Also how they added movement.

With the brazilwood dyed ones I made them longer and attached at the centre back, making the textured layer narrower.  They are really palyful, you can wrap one-two-three-all, once or twice, or tie them and as you walk they move around the body.

For this scarf I left out the top layer altogether and made it just from dreads.

They look like a bundle of icecles, they won’t  thaw unlike the ones outside. The water has been dripping from everywhere over the past few days,  to much dislike of the children. I will miss snow too – but only until the first buds sprout. I already heard birds singing early in the morning – spring is in the air! This rapid thaw reminds me of Narnia’s The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe…


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  1. Cool idea. They really do look good. Are you using silk in them too?? Looks good.
    Aaaah so Im arriving for warmer weather??? Im leaving in a week so soon we will be again on the same side of the world!

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