Flickr Favorites Tuesday – Icicles

It happens sometimes that I think of a certain shape and then I start seeing it around. This icicles remind me of dreads and open new design possibilities.

Recently, I have started to write  a list of words which I find interesting/inspiring/intriguing. I like to Google images realted to them or search them on Flickr. Talended Mitsy from ArtMind has organized a Flickr Favorites Tuesday on her blog over the past months and I would like to join in here and there. This is my first contribution :).


8 thoughts on “Flickr Favorites Tuesday – Icicles

  1. Hi there,
    Happy New Year to you.

    Looks like those icicles are starting to melt a bit today.
    It’s been a bit of a wild winter so far huh?

    Your creations are amazing as always. I especially like the shibori bangles. You need to get your stuff into House of Beauly or somewhere like that. Or maybe you already have?

    Take care…


  2. Welcome Monika! Happy that you chime in now and then! I love to see everyone’s favorites in Flickr! I have found so much cool stuff already!
    I should make a list of words too – I think words are awesome! 🙂

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