Textures and colours from nature

A request from a customer led me back to natural dyes and textured fibres. I have enjoyed working on the following pieces so very much! I feel that all the textured fibres like silk or wool nepps or curly wools, they all go very well with natural rather than synthetic dyes. It has been quite challenging to dye naturally in this weather though. I have saved my mordanted water as well as my not fully exhausted dyebaths in the buckets and right now all of them sit frozen in the shed. And someone in the house rightly said that it feels like in the laundrette :)!  But it is possible, step by step, mordanting and exhausting dyes one day, dyeing next one…

Two scarves with maximum texture, the second one dyed with onion skins.

Small collection of two layered scarfs.  The first layer is from merino embellished with texture, the second are long dreads. Dyed with brazilwood, the last one in natural greys.


Cuffs and collars in shibori technique dyed with onion skins and brazilwood.

Felt bracelet mainly naturally dyed, except the blue and the brick red one.

Uf! I didn’t realize I haven’t posted my work here for sooo long! Here is the last piece, very shabby chic distressed scarf/wrap/skirt which was inspired by ripped plastic bags trapped on a fence and the overal shape of clouds. It is dyed with synthetic dyes.  I hope to go back to this design sometimes soon.


7 thoughts on “Textures and colours from nature

  1. I am always amazed by your work, felt is something magical to me and I only tried some needle-felting which I like but I don’t think I will ever try dying and wet felting, beautiful work!

  2. All of them fantastic! Im n awe of those top scarves with all that texture… amazing! I love all those bubbles….
    Great work and how daring of you to start natural dyes in the cold of mid winter!

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