Mmm ???

We have got this much snow

my heart leapt when I saw this plough yesterday, it meant that binmen might come too and we will be able to use the car again!

 but the gorse, one of the most available natural dye in Scotland, doesn’t seem to mind, neither the low temperatures.

gorse bush today

Just yesterday I made a scarf from merino dyed last spring with this beautiful yellow dye!

I know that yellow is not everyone’s favorite , but I have always liked it so much!


5 thoughts on “Mmm ???

  1. It’s just the color I need right now! I looked all over the Roc Day festival for that particular color and couldn’t find it. I have some leftover natural dyes that I’m going to try for myself. I wish I had gorse!

  2. Hey Monika, I just skipped back in your blog many many pages since I haven’t been here for a while.
    The things you make and do are simply amazing! You’re not only a wonderful warm person but also a fantastic artist!
    I hope that 2010 may be filled with creativity, laughter and fun. Enjoy!

  3. Glad you are able to get out and about again! This snow is quite something isn’t it? And the temp is only -11c in Beauly today Brrr. At least being stuck inside has given you the chance to create your yellow scarf, which is very beautiful. Happy felting, and keep warm!
    Penny 🙂

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