Hydrangeas, Felt Cape

I was given opportunity to make a felt cape. Short felt cape in blue and green, with a bit of purple, fuchsia and orange. Commissions are not an easy task, but if the bueyr sets “limits” so wide then they are an exciting challenge.

First I was thinking about the colours and how to combine them in some eye pleasing way. I browsed through my pictures and found photos of hydrangeas on my Flickr. I was lucky, there were still many in my friend’s garden and I was able to take more pictures and given some home to study the shape, textures, form – and colour. After playing  with petals I came up with four designs and we agreed that the last one was the strongest. It was going to be a short cape covered densly with hydrangea flowers! Idea was here – but would it work? I made a sample and it did! Now was the time to dye the right colours and felt – and sew on the flowers.

There is 320 small handformed flowers sewn on the teal base cape, almost all of them with one or two beads. Wide bracelet densly embellished with more flowers and beads complements the cape. The cape for a Princess…!

from the process


18 thoughts on “Hydrangeas, Felt Cape

  1. This is totally amazing! I wonder what occasion this will be work for , do you know? What a huge amount of work! No wonder you were busy! Very well done!!

  2. Wow your beautiful creations just get more and more incredible!
    Well done, I love the stoney braclettes too.
    It has been far too long since I saw you and your lovely girls, are you around for Christmas?
    I have five weeks off college starting soon!
    Lots of love to you all

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