wet fingers

Hello all!

And thank you for all your nice comments on my latest posts! I appreciate them all as I know it takes time to pose and write!

I have done more felting this week, some of it custom order scarves and some cuffs. The whole idea about a cuff or a wide bracelet is rather new to me, in the past I neither wore nor made any, whether from fabrics or felt. But I appreciate how soft and warm they are and I can experiment with different textures and techniques on a small area – and yet make something wearable.

I often come home from a trip with a nice pebble/s, a sea glass, a shell, driftwood and I thought I could preserve some of the memmories I have from nice places we visit by felting around them. This time I made a wide bracelet from grey Shetland wool carded with madder dyed mohair, BFL and soya fibre. There are two pebbles from the Nairn beach  – to balance the bracelet so that whichever way it turns on a hand there is always one stone on the top.

Nairn, chunky felt bracelet/cuff

Shibori is one of the techniques I would really like to explore in felt more. Can you see that little white shell at the bottom? That plus this lichen which grows and falls from the roof of our house hugely inspire me!

Shibori cuff

And – trying to see what’s possible – I attempted yesterday to make a ring. It is completely wetfelted, no cheeting with needles just a lot of fiddling with fingers. I used Falkland wool dyed with gorse. It is coarser then merino, I think around 24-25 micron so it took longer to felt but the finished ring is sturdier thanks to higher micron.

But, what have really kept me busy over the past weeks was this… more about it soon!


6 thoughts on “wet fingers

  1. You’ve been really busy exploring new techniques and forms. Great stuff. I’d like to explore shibori too… have some more time to see well how much bigger one has to make something if you want …say… coins or marbbles…bubbles… anyway… so much to learn!

  2. You are one busy lady! How do you find the time with your little family? I am so impressed at the volume and quality of your output!

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