Cobweb felt workshop

Last weekend I was at the workshop organized by our local feltmakers group. The tutor was Jenny Mackay and one of the technique she specializes is cobweb felt. We were going to make a cobweb jacket but as I have got a felt jacket already I thought I could try something different and opted for a tunic dress.

dress 1b

Again, it was very inspiring. The colours, fibres and the method which Jenny uses plus seeing other felters working. It was very exciting to see all kinds of various jackets popping up towards the end of the two days.

dress detail b


4 thoughts on “Cobweb felt workshop

  1. Oh my god! how is it that you and I are separated by water and yet we are always working on the same stuff! ahahaha well, that dress is fantastic. I love the shape! It’s red so I obviously love it!
    Im taking a rest from working on some 1 layer scarves. It’s not so much cobweb as there aren’t really holes (as Im told, apparently with no holes, it’s not cobweb… I haven’t got a clue!) but 1 layer fabrics Im making. I thought of making something light. It drapes better and it’s still warm… and they are lighter and don’t take up too much room in my laguage… they are gifts.
    Anyway… I’d love to make a skirt like this… Im still shy at garment making. I don’t know how to go about it. I wish I had some workshop or association around here!!!!

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