amidst mid-term holidays

I have been knitting a little bit and enjoyed every minute of it (didn’t I wrote last year that I can’t imagine me+and knitting?) Nothing can beat the stretch of a knitted cloth! Another nice thing is that one cat put feet up while knitting…:)

knitting socks b

I have also felted more soaps for the local shop Araveli.

soaps b

And made felt necklaces

Autumn, Felt necklace b


felt necklace chunky b

felt necklace b

and how I  enjoyed this two! One of those moments when you all of the sudden know what to do with half finished pieces which have been laying around for, well since spring really. I just sat down one evening and designs started to flow. I have got few more but there was no chance to take more pictures as we were either out or it was too dark.


4 thoughts on “amidst mid-term holidays

  1. Been working hard I see. Once, when I was young, I used to knit all the time but I have never seen the type of needles that you use here! I should find time and give them a try.

  2. Hi Monika I m Julia from Argentina and I posted some of your works in my blog. Mariana sent to me your photos from flickr.
    You work is realy good, I love it.
    My english isn t good, but I really want to leave you my message

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