online friendship

I have been following ecco *eco blog for a while and just finished reading the latest post. Among others there is a link to an article about violence and brutal treatment of woman and girls in Congo. What a sad life some (or so many?) people live and how blessed we are to live our days in peace and comfort! I am very thankful for that and wish I could help those poor woman.

I would like to show you today what I received from Marian aka Florcita last week. This lovely felted pendant with a glass! It is very well made and sits comfortably under the neck.

pendant b

Marian is very skilled and talented, she has done a lot of crafts and is not afraid of trying new materials and techniqes. This I received from her back in the summer, after she posted on her blog about wooden buttons she made  and I expressed desire to have some.  I like them very much, also the clay ones!, whenever I look at them I feel like making felted bag, a nice sturdy one.

marian package

She also sells some of her felt, clay and paper work along with her hand dyed and handspun yarns in her Dawanda shop or can be contacted directly via her blog.

Thank you, Marian, for all this little treasures! I enjoy following your work and your comments are always encouragement to me!


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