Extra long and skinny

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sometimes my own need is an inspiration to me

I rarely go out of the house without a scarf, especially here in Scotland.  And the weather determines it’s size, thickness and materials. I thought I need something for rather warm days with changing temperatures so I made this scarf – in purple for me and these two for my shop – maybe someone else like wearing scarves just like me…

They are very long 286 cm or 113 inch and very skinny 8 cm or almost 3,5 inch. If it is warm I wear them long and like to watch how the wind plays with them, sometimes the ends are all around me, like if the scarf was going to hug me. If it gets cold I wrap them around the neck many times and have a proper scarf.

The scarves are made from merino wool nunofelted into silk ponge, I can’t have enough of this texture! Shiny on the silky side, mat on the woolly, great worn together too.


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