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Next to dyeing, carding and felting I have been enjoying crochet, started knitted cardigan – the chunkiest ever – for my older daughter and you see the white yarn and those 4 needles there? I am learning how to knit socks! That’s my latest obsession. I bought a book 🙂 and borrowed ‘a set of 2 double pointed needles’ (doesn’t this already  sound complicated enough? ), went to our local sewing group, had explained how to start, tried not to poke myself, succeeded, borrowed another book, thought if it wouldn’t be better to first buy handmade socks and at-the-same-time knitt my own pair – my feet are fit for some warmth already, thought, maybe,  I should first learn spinning – wouldn’ t that be cool to have socks which I knitted from the yarn I first spun and then hand dyed? Well, it did cross my mind that it would be even cooler to have a fleece from my own sheep…. I must be crazy…

Instead, I attended to my Friday houshold chores… and finished off another batch of felted soaps.

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3 thoughts on “I am not an octopus

  1. Wow, you are such a busy lady! What a lovely scarf you made and I love your crocheted pieces too. I have not done any knitting for years, but now I might look out the needles again and have a go. Enjoy all your crafty experiments!

  2. You sound just like me, I went through a stage of wanting to spin my own yarn, I thought it would be ace to have a spinning wheel, but my DH pointed out that I already had many looms lying around gathering dust and there really was no room for a wheel. I made do with a drop spindle, which put me off spinning, it takes way to long and I am a very impatient person.

    Those soaps look lovely all lined up.

  3. hahahaha anything else?? I think it’ s fantastic that youa re working on so many things at the same time and that you have plans of learning many more. I do the same. And it’ s what keeps me motivated… good for you!!!
    Carding-dyeing-spinning-knitting should be the order!!! hahahaha

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