Nunofelted Patchwork Wrap

I took some pictures of the wrap today. It is all nunofelted, merino and silk tops, a bit of tencel and nylon too – all felted into various cotton and silk fabrics. Great sampler really. It is reversible, can’t decide which side is more interesting, the owner will know. It measures 180 x 80 cm.

the "right" fabric side

the "right" fabric side

the "wrong" wooly side

the "wrong" wooly side



and some dyeing and carding done, preparing fibres for other projects

mosaic carding b



14 thoughts on “Nunofelted Patchwork Wrap

  1. this is a work of art!!! I love the wrong side.

    How funny …. I have also been doing ‘patchwork’ Nuno!! On a skirt though for Orkney. It is no where near yours.

  2. Wonderful colours, I love them all, are you sewing the materials together in blocks before felting or is the felt holding the pieces together….can’t quite figure out the process….damn should have taken that

  3. Prekrásne farby jesene. Vždy keď k tebe nakuknem, som fascinovaná, ake prekrásne veci robíš. Ten kabátik, ktorý si pred časom prezentovala bol úžasný.

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