the wrap today

so tired for couple of reasons, should lay down, but couldn’t, couldn’t wait to see if things worked as I have envisioned. Nervous too, I didn’t make enough samples – ‘Will it work?’ Relief. It did. More pictures soon.

starting big, seems we need bigger living room :)

starting big

wrap detail b

nothing can beat beautiful texture of nuno felt


Fiona and Marian, thank you for your opinions on previous post. I remember what fascinated me about felt when I first made one: the fact that from such a fluffy material as wool tops are I could make a firm cloth. I am sure felt has great sculptural possibilities, but for me and at the moment it is still mainly a cloth. With limitations – I think sometimes. I find it too lightweight for some garments, not stretchy enough for others. But I believe that when combining tops with other materials this can be solved. We shall see…


2 thoughts on “finishing

  1. I can not wait to see this! I didn’ t understand you were makign a nuno wrap. I thought you were making a combination of felted pieces and fabrics for a patchwork piece combined!
    This looks pretty!

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