Seams and Scissors

Marian, I got my Wild Fibres from PM Woolcraft, it is not being sold in newsagents, only if I subscribe – which I did with them. It is the same company which sells eg. natural dyes… Talking about them, you might like to check Sheep thrills yarn blog written by Cedar who dyes her spun yarn with natural dyes. You are in for some eye candy!


As I work on the patchwork wrap I keep thinking about scissors versus felt, seams versus seamless… How do you feel about cutting handmade felt?

scissors b

prefelt b

prefelt 2b

Seamstress in me says purpuse justifies the means, felter in me thinks, maybe, there is a way how to do it seamless. Seamstress sees handmade felt as one of many fabrics a garment could be made of, felter tries to combine wool tops with other materials to achieve just the right properties of that fabric for the garment in mind…

What do you think? How do you feel about scissors and felt?



4 thoughts on “Seams and Scissors

  1. It hurts me/pains me to put scissors to hand made felt… HOWEVER, if the felt was made to begin with having a certain project in mind which includes scissors…then, go ahead. I think a combination of rich fabrics with felt would be fantastic. Felt is such a tactile experience too, it probably enriches the whole lot.
    Thanks for those link! Im on my way to check them out!

  2. I don’t mind cutting felt – at least, it depends if the piece feels complete in itself or not. I actually really like the idea of felt as fabric. But I think either way is exciting – just different. Sewing could give you possibilities for some interesting stitches at the juncture to avoid bulky seams, decorative machine stitches, insertions… Joining with wool – it would be a bigger challenge for me, planning for the shrinkage, not prefelting the pieces too much. I was just looking again at Felting Fashion (Lizzie Houghton) and she has lots of variations on the theme, joined with stitch, seamless, or a mixture of the two.

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