Fri-day (is it from free-day???)

I have been a good houswife today, filling the cooking pots, emptying laundry bin, even my neigbour Lexi was all surprised from all that non-fibre related motion in the kitchen…

cat b

Now (9 pm) starts the creative part of the day, I will do this

crochet b

 Mitsy, I haven’t put away my crochet hook! I bought two more books ( you see how I associate success with books and tools 🙂 and started from the scratch, learning all what those abbreviations mean and reading diagrams. I have enojoyed crocheting so very much! These little squares (1-2 inch) are from the book Crochet Motifs, it is about crocheting mostly geometric shapes. Another on the blocks is 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans. I am sure there is plenty of this on-line too, I just couldn’t resist… 

And this  came in the post today: about silk trade in India, Mehmet Girgic the feltmaker, Lecester Longwools….

wild fibres b

Have a good weekend, the weather forecast looks promising!


4 thoughts on “Fri-day (is it from free-day???)

  1. Monica, I’m so please to see that you are still crocheting! I love your squares and shapes and I’m astonished by the colorcombo you use! You have such a good eye for color!

  2. All those books look interesting! I’ ve been trying to get that magazine around here, just to see what’ s in, and nothing. I should contact the editorial.
    Looove your squares Monika! I want to learn too. I think Im going to ask my granma when I go to ARG now. I never learnt properly so all the abreviations kinda lose me along the way!

  3. I got my wild fibres mag today also, sooo informative.. and have you checked out the coral reef project which is all crochet work and is one fantastic art project. I have been crocheting hyperbolic crochet for some time and love it…have you tried this….loved your crochet squares

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