in two free hours

More dyeing today, cotton with Procion MX dyes, don’t like that the dye is not fully exhausted and rinsing takes forever – or am I doing something wrong?

more dyeing

and more patchwork notes – in patchwork shapes I later noticed. 🙂 I might need a break.

patchwork notes


4 thoughts on “in two free hours

  1. I always find Procion MX takes a lot of rinsing out, but maybe I am doing something wrong too – I guess perhaps it means there’s too much dye for the amount of fabric? I use metapex (synthrapol) to help wash it out but there does always seem to be a lot going down the drain.

  2. hahahaha life starting to look like squares??? time to stop.
    I’ve never used Procion dyes… good? I use dylon for commercial dyes. Are you going to start quilting now?? always wanted to learn but Im far from understanding my sewing machine! 🙂

  3. sometimes it is because
    1. the dye is old- even if 2 just” bought it might have been sitting on the store shelf for ages.
    2. rinse mechanics 🙂
    rinse starting with cold water and gradually building up to hot.
    last rinse should be hot and with synthrapol.
    3. too much dyestuff per weight. fiber has space for so much dye. after that the dye is not absorbed nor bonded with the fiber, just sits on top of it or in the water.
    hope this helps

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