I was working with the theme “patchwork”. It has been on my mind for quite some time, back in July I made one mufler

patchwork scarf 1b

 but only after I was asked to make a patchwork wrap I sat down and gave it some thought….

So here I am –  looking for the ways how to interprete patchwork in felt

designing b

and dyeing some silks and cottons

dyeing b

dyeing 2b

You are right, either carding, or dyeing – such a good fun!


6 thoughts on “today

  1. Oh my god! I just finished a sort of patchwork scarf yesterday myself. All in purple tones. And I have a few more wraps coming up in MY interpratation of patchwork…hahah we think alond the same lines!
    Last night I ended up watching a couple videos on Youtube abotu carding and making rainbow batts and mixing colors and stuff like that… I don’t even own a drum carder!
    Lovely colors!

    • 🙂 so you are going to own one carder soon then – or don�t watch to much… 😀 � I am very much looking forward to see your patchwork scarves!!!

  2. Hi! How are you doing?
    You’re work is beautiful. I love the rich colours you’ve been working with. What an artisan you are!
    Back to routine now huh? More time to craft hopefully!
    Take care


  3. I think about patchwork and felt a lot, really about making small pieces and ways of joining them – I like working small but want to make big, if that makes any sense, so that really appeals to me. The coolours you are working with are wonderful.

  4. What beautiful pictures! I love colors – they make me happy!
    I’m so glad to see your work in progress again, Monica!
    The patchwork looks super neat & I loved seeing the pages with the sketches on. I’m so bad a drawing myself that I’m ususally very envious about all those beautiful sketchbooks! 🙂

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