I promised in my previous post to tell you more about the scarf I am wearing and it has got something to do with carding. I bought a drum carder when I started to dye with natural dyes. Since the wool has to sit in the water for much longer than when dyeing with synthetic dyes it felted more and I had to card it to make it usable. But then I learned to dye without the wool getting felted (just watching the temperature carefully and increasing it very slowly…), I stoped using the carder. I knew I could use it to blend fibres or colours, but thought I can achieve similar results just by pulling tufts of several colors/different fibres at the same time.

I got very inspired when I saw this picture  on Flickr by  Julie from JSchubertDesigns. Only then I started to understand full potential of a carder. So I dusted mine and started blending. First in white for texture (merino with silks – nepps, cocoons, silk tops…) and then colours.

carding b1


carding b2

I found a bag of merino full of small bits of all possible colours which I used when felting with children. I thought what if I just card all this colours together. So I did and then used some of the fibre for making this scarf. Such sublte variations in colours I would never achieve had I just pulled these fibres at the same time. I am quiet excited about new possibilities (although I must admit rather time consuming as  carding is).

mamkin b

And yes, Mitsy, Marian and Penny – you are right in your comments to the last post, thanks to blogging/posting pics we sparkle each other’s creativity and venture into directions we might have never thought of (oh, that sounds very book-like :), I just wanted to say I will give the blogging another go :). Have a good and creative week!


9 thoughts on “Carder

  1. I am so glad you are carrying on with your blog. I know lots of blogreaders would really miss you! It is one of my favourite blogs and a great place to exchange and bounce ideas about. The carder makes lovely subtle colours in your scarf. It’s gorgeous.

  2. I inspired you to use your drum carder again?! How cool!

    It IS so much fun, isn’t it?! Getting to mix it all….colors, textures, fibers…..

    • Dear Julie! Yes, you did indeed! I just checked your set on Flickr with your batts, they look gorgeous! You are having a ball! Thank you for your flickr-mail too. I know what you wrote exactly. I usually read e-mails in the morning (rush), then switch off computer, otherwise I waste all my free time while the girls are away and when I switch on in the evening, there are even more mails to answer… pics to upload, post to write 🙂 We seems to be more settled now, Margaretka finds it probably more difficult to go because one girl from the street whom she used to play a lot with has decided not to be her friend anymore. I must say, that for 11 yrs old, she is rather cheeky, provoking Mg in subtle ways to have an argument with her……………………. I just hope it will pass and even if they don’t play anymore, there will be no major fight or so.. You are such a mummy, Julie! Are the girls back “home”? Do they live on their own? I gather the older one is married, isn’t she? do you often see her too? Was dyeing today, still need to dye som cotton, one lady wants a patchwork wrap….in bright colours. So I better go.. Hugs, Monika

  3. Yay for blogging! I’m so happy to see your intention of picking things up again & stay in touch with those who love you and your work! 🙂
    This carding thing looks indeed like a slow process but you definately get the maximum result! 🙂

  4. Carding is quite the discovery for me too. I only have hand carders but I do like messing around with them everynow and then. Especially for spinning as lately, for felting, Im more into solid colors. Seasons! hahaha The thing about stuff make with carded wool (for color blending) is that is adds a certain quality to the wool… a bit of a treasure hunt. You always discover some new color, some fibre combination. Really cool.

  5. I use hand carders to mix colours for felting too – but I would love a drum carder! what kind have you got? I have been looking at various ones, not that there are many avaialble in the UK… I see that Ashford have a ‘wild carder’ they’ve just brought out for carding all sorts of things together but it’s only small and doesn’t seem to be available here yet – I emailed a few suppliers to ask but none replied!

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