Being Back

It seems like I never got back from the course with Charlotte Buch about which I wrote in my last post… But, of course I did, I just never made it to my blog. Life has been hectic, with exciting as well as less pleasant events. The summer seems to be almost over, the school is back and I have more time to be creative again. Hopefully, I will summarize those three months of my absence at least in some pictures. But I will keep it simple. I have been thinking if to keep the blog or not, why to keep it and how…  I am not a great writer and often I feel comfortable to keep quiet. Making is important to me so I rather make than write about it. But since I still try to fit in my making into family life and houswife duties sometimes I feel time has passed and I haven’t made much. So for now my blogging will be about  keeping a record of my creative progress in some simple way.

Now, let’ s get back to the course. I had fantastic time!!! Here you can see me wearing the fruit of my 4 days labour. 🙂

jacket b

jacket and mum's scarf b

The first two days we spent sampling, looking for a design for a garment we were going to make later. I decided to use navy (on the top) and cream (at the back) fibres. As the cream fibres migrated through, they softened dark navy colour and the result is light grey/bluish cloth. I am wearing a scarf which I made later at home, but I will tell you about it in my next post.

I would like to thank Hi-Arts a lot for the financial support I was given, which enabled me to go on this (expensive) course. If you are anywhere in The Scottish Highlands, do check their site full of interesting and helpful info for all crafters, artists and designer-makers in this area!

AND, I would like to thank to all of you who left such  positive and encouraging comments on the previous post!!! As one lady on the course said about another workshop she had attended before :”Yeah, I also found it difficult to leave the kids, but by the end of the  cours, I was already looking for the next one to go to …” And I was the same. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being Back

  1. *Waves* Hi Monica! So nice to have you back – missed you around!!
    I understand completely about the creating/blogging part but I feel like my blog is letting me connect to other people out there. Personally I need to feel connected in order to be able to create. It’s great to share processes and get some feedback sometime so I hope you will keep continue doing so. 😉 But no pressure of course…

  2. Hi Monika,
    I also missed your blog lately. I love to read about your creations. You could maybe blog less often? I know creating is more important to you, but it would be a shame to give up your blog. Love the jacket. Must have been a great course!

  3. Im so glad you are back! I rally was missing you. I know it’s hard to juggle all these stuff… creating, posting, shops and life in general… on the other hand it is also a way of communicating, right? Posts don’t have to be long and complicated. ussually a picture and a few lines are more atractive than long diatribes about life… 🙂
    Anyhow, I looooove that jacket! it is so beautiful. all felted withoug seams? I bet it will come in handy this winter in the scotish highlands. So lucky you get some financial support for developing your art. None of that here…
    Anyway, glad I can read you are doing fine 😉

  4. your jacket is lovely – the scarf too. I always love reading your blog, but totally identify with the dilemma. Even if you only post occasionally, I will be reading!

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